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First Scrap Global Inc., a metal recycling business, entered the market with the ambitious goal of bringing to light the pressing problems associated with recycling metals, improving environmental conditions, and enhancing the digital economy of the world with block chain technology.
However, many commercial and operational procedures continue to be ineffective and out-of-date, which results in important data omissions and security flaws.

First Scrap

Future With First Scrap, The mining, metals, and connected value chains all have compelling use cases, but the technology is still developing swiftly.
In order to better prepare organisations for what is expected to become a fundamental component of business technology in the future and to create ground-breaking new frameworks for conducting and managing sustainable, international trade flows, We the First Scrap have made an Early Adoption and Experimentation.

Upcoming Agenda

The upcoming Agenda, which will run from August 2022 through December 2023

Get ourself Registered in the State of Florida. In the month of August, and the establishment of a base of operations in Florida by the end of November

Recovered five percent of the world's total recycling after purchasing fresh metal from a German scrap trader named RS HANDELSUNTERNEHMEN.

Started a trail with market experts to promote trading in precious metals with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), and provided a pitch deck on a comprehensive trading platform in preparation for the launch of As FS Trading.

The re-registration of South Africa during the month of October in the year 2022 It is anticipated that the office cum storage will be established by January 2023.

By March 2023, establish a study team to investigate the possibility of outsourcing the recycling of scrap metal in China, Croatia, Austria, Dubai, India, and Luxembourg.

Signing an agreement with the governments of Slovenia and the Czech Republic, both of whom are getting close to being ready to welcome scrap global. By January 2023, the company will have properly established and documented itself in accordance with government rules and standards.

To establish a global automated vendor machine for aluminium cans. Establish partnerships with market leaders who are already enjoying success.

Firstscrap Global will release its detailed project report (DPR) by the month of August 2023.

Benefits of First Scrap Investment

Register your account for free.

The minimum Investment starts from $100.

ROI starts from 1.55% to 3% daily.

Referral Commission is 6% to 10%.

Binary Commission is 8%.

Capping Limit Ranges from $1000 to $15,000.

The maturity period of a Package ranges from 140days to 170days. adding to the list, another Maturity Period with New Business Plan introduced (Rhodium Package) will be of 135Days.

An investor has a variety of ways to deposit funds.

Binary Income is paid every day according to the server time.

Withdrawals are processed easily and rapidly.

Referral Income is paid every day, and instantly.

Implementation of Blockchain Technology.

Worldwide services.

We use high-end and highly secured technology.

Numerous sources of revenue generation.

No hidden charges.

Flexible withdrawal windows.

Profitable Business Plans

Significant financial Growth

Company that Is Legally Incorporated

Multiple sources of Revenue Generation.

First Scrap doesn't share your data with any third party.

Multi-lingual 24/7 Live Support.

Confidently, Transparency & Security.

We provide numerous employment opportunities for many individuals.

Safety, Sustainability,  and Integrity serve as the foundation of our company.

The foundation of First Scrap is a sustainable sector that encourages economic development while protecting the environment and natural resources.

We use the Most Complete, Best Supported, Innovative, Intuitive, and Simple-to-Use Recycling Technology

Customer service is something we take very seriously. Respect, passion, integrity, sustainability, and trust are our core principles.

We are a pioneer in Scrap & Recycling Industry.

We exist to protect the planet's resources while fostering healthy local economies through increased metal recycling.

Blockchain technology is frequently connected to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but we at First Scrap focus to show its capabilities for managing and recycling waste.

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Our Team

First Scrap Expert Team


First Scrap was founded by John Ronald.When he was young, he formed a group to gather local saved stuff and send it to small recyclers.

Ronald has a BA from Edinburgh University and an MBA from Birmingham Business School.

He says that "Everything starts with an idea".

Mr. Ronald was at school listening to Prof. Marshall lecture about infinite and nonrenewable energy sources when he observed the vastness of the piece market and the possibility to reuse recovered material came to him.

He began assembling and selling rescued material on a small scale, which led him to think about metals and reusing methods. With time, effort, and responsibility, he created to control the country's metal reusing business. His chest swells with pride when he considers the association's achievements today.

Chief Executive Officer

Sterfon Demings is the CEO of the First Scrap Global Company and Board member .

Before joining First Scrap Global, Mr. Demings , a 17-year veteran of the metal and steel composite sector, headed various companies.

Master's and Ph.D.-holding metallurgist Sterfon Demings.

First Scrap's "Strolling Encyclopedia of Metal Product Lines"

Mr. Demings has a history of launching and driving change, delivering outcomes, reinforcing functional risk and consistency, and increasing.

Mr. Demings helped First Scrap become an innovation-driven recycling company by collecting mechanical knowledge from the world's leading recycling innovation companies.

Jane Williams is the CMO of First Scrap Global Inc

Miss Williams earned a BA and MBA from Nottingham University.

She is responsible for the organization's vital preparation, the organization's development objectives, spectacular open doors, and transformation initiatives.

She's from Ontario's First Scrap Marketing Committee.

Before joining First Scrap, Miss Williams was the Head of Business Marketing at a company that helps small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S.

Miss. Williams has held significant positions in advertising and marketing, where she oversaw business segmentation, product development, and marking.

Grayson Tremblay is CFO (CFO)

This position's obligations include bookkeeping and control, financial preparation and examination, line-of-business finance skills, executive resource risk, depository, and expenditure.

Mr. Tremblay graduated from American University with a Bachelor's in Finance and an Executive MBA.

He oversees the company's investment portfolios, business development, and investor relations.

Canadian First Scrap Operating Committee member Mr. Tremblay.

Mr. Tremblay is a broker and financial backer who recently served as CFO of high-profile financial organisations, overseeing controllership, depository, financial backer interactions, crucial preparation, corporate turn, and responsibility.

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