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Founder and Director

Mr. John Ronald started the First Scrap Corporation.

He formed a group with a handful of his close pals when he was very young to gather local scrap metal and send it to small recyclers.

They say, "It all starts with an idea."

Mr. Ronald was at school listening to Prof. Marshall talked about renewable and nonrenewable energy sources when he saw the size of the scrap market and the thought of scrap metal recycling came to him.

He began collecting and selling scrap metal on a small scale after thinking and researching metals and recycling techniques; with the passage of time and his hard work and dedication, he grew to dominate the country's metal recycling business; his chest expands with pride when he thinks of the company's achievements today.

Mr. Ronald holds a Bachelor's of Arts from the University of Edinburgh and a Master's of Business Administration from the Birmingham Business School.


Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sterfon Demings is the CEO and a member of the Board of Directors of First Scrap Global Company.

Before joining First Scrap Global, Mr. Demings, a metal and steel alloy industry veteran with more than 17 years of leadership experience, served as CEO of many companies.

Mr. Demings is a metallurgist with a Master's and Ph.D. in the field.

We call him the "Walking Encyclopaedia of Metal Product Lines" at First Scrap.

In an ever-changing and dynamic metal market, Mr. Demings has a proven track record of initiating and leading change, delivering results, strengthening operational risk and compliance, and innovating.

Mr. Demings assisted in the transformation of First Scrap into a technology-driven recycling company by gaining technological know-how from the world's leading recycling technology companies in order to create breakthrough recycling experiences and increase recycling rates.


Chief Marketing Officer

Miss. Jane Williams is the Chief Marketing Officer at First Scrap Global.

She is in charge of the company's strategic planning, as well as the development and management of investment platform standards and capabilities, as well as the administration of the company's innovation goals, opportunities, and transformation programmes.

She is situated in Ontario and is a member of the First Scrap Marketing Committee.

Miss. Williams worked as the Head of Business Marketing at a company that provides strategic marketing advice and solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in the United States before joining First Scrap.

Miss. Williams has held senior positions in marketing and advertising services, where she was in charge of business segment strategy, product development, and branding solutions.

Miss. Williams earned both, Bachelor's Degree & a MBA from Nottingham University.


Chief Financial Officer

The company's Chief Financial Officer is Mr. Grayson Tremblay (CFO). Accounting and control, financial planning and analysis, line of business finance functions, asset-liability management, treasury, and tax are all responsibilities of this position.

He is also responsible for the company's investment portfolios, business development, and investor relations.

Mr. Tremblay is a member of the First Scrap Operating Committee and is based in Canada.

Mr. Tremblay is a well-known banker and investor who previously served as the CFO of high-profile financial institutions, overseeing tasks such as controllership, treasury, investor relations, strategic planning, corporate development, and tax.

Mr. Tremblay graduated from The American University with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and An Executive MBA from University of Hertfordshire.


Support Team Head

Mr. Daniel Mclean is the Head of Customer Support at First Scrap Corporation.

He achieves excellence in customer support delivery while retaining a customer-centric perspective and a mindset of exceeding departmental targets by balancing customer support strategy with governing people management, performance management, and talent agendas.

Mr. McLean is responsible for establishing and implementing efficient officers in the implementation of customer experience support strategies, as well as providing ground support to customer care agents and managers.

Mr. Mclean is in charge of the entire department of customer service. He assists in the development of the support department's vision, goals, and objectives, as well as ensuring that they are carried out at all levels.

Mr. Mclean holds A Bachelor's Degree from the University of Utah and A Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business.


Chief Administration Officer

Miss. Zoey Campbell is the Chief Administrative Officer at First Scrap Corporation.

She is in charge of the company's day-to-day operations.

She is also our company's Human Resources Director.

She also helps the organisation improve its performance by analysing processes, developing new regulations for various departments, managing projects, and generating reports that tell board members about the company's performance.

She examines audit findings and recommends changes to departmental procedures, ensuring compliance with all laws, regulations, and norms.

Miss. Campbell earned A Bachelor's Degree from the University of Virginia and An MBA from the University of Leeds.