Our Value

Care about efficiency
Use things sensibly and economically, from fuel to lights, vehicles to paper
Think about our impact
Only making essential journeys, using direct routes, to keep our carbon footprint down
Be a friendly neighbour
Make sure that the noise, odours and air pollution we make doesn’t affect neighbouring properties or the local environment
Reach out and educate
Find ways to educate about what we do and how to recycle by engaging with the public, schools and local groups
Love what we do and how we do it
Make sure we do our jobs carefully, safely, environmentally and economically, while still doing the best that we can
Push boundaries and develop new ideas
No one is perfect and we want to improve every day. If you have ideas of how to do things better, please speak up!
Move quickly and try new things
We might be comfortable with the ‘way we do things now’ but to progress and develop our offer we must be positive and embrace new ideas and ways of working
Learn from our mistakes
It is easy to become complacent when we’ve done something lots of times, but mistakes can happen. When something goes wrong, we’ll help you to identify what happened, how we can avoid it happening again, and ensuring that everyone knows the best way to do something safely.