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If you have recyclables, no matter how large or small, we've got you covered. The staff at First Scrap can take them off your hands. We offer scrap metal processing and removal services at numerous geographical locations across the globe. We are a reputable company, and you can rely on us for all your scrap metal needs.

Demolition services

First Scrap has been in charge of demolition and destruction projects for years now and is fully equipped to both remove and process all types and sizes of scrap metal from your job site. Our demolition team handles the task cautiously and with the utmost care.

Industrial Scrap management

First scrap is committed to provide environmentally sound and ideal industrial scrap management solutions to a wide range of industries across the globe.
We have all the necessary permits and know all the procedures so once we take control of your scrap you can relax and focus on the business of your company.

Automobile dismantling

First Scrap has an automated and organised automobile scrapping and recycling facility. We have a structured and transparent automobile scrappage policy adhering to the guidelines and without breaking any government compliance. We have dismantled over 32 million automobiles till date.

E-waste Recycling

The world is a growing mountain of discarded electrical and electronic equipment, better known as "E-waste." At first-scrap, we only deal with limited varieties of E-waste currently for the extraction and recycling of metals like gold, copper, bronze, steel, etc.

Marine metal recycling

First scrap deals in procurement and recycling of old, absolute and decommissioned ships and vessels. Recently we have also started procuring the ships fallen into disrepair. We at first-scrap ensure that your boat is disposed of correctly, in accordance with state rules and regulations.

Railcar Recycling

First's scrap rail recycling division specialises in derailed equipment clean up. We acquire and repurpose retired and out-of-service rail cars.While dismantling the damaged and worn out railcars, we remove all the parts that can be reconditioned and ship them to the reconditioning centres.

Transportation and logistics

At First Scrap, we have the required workforce and resources to handle all elements of transportation and logistics to move the recyclable scrap metal to our facility. We use our own fleet of trucks, towing vehicles, rails, and even water vessels to ensure timely and effective transportation.