• 2000


    Mr. John Ronald, the company's founder, and a few other friends banded together to organise a team that would collect scrap from the local community, the majority of which consisted of metal, and deliver it to large recyclers. This was accomplished with a relatively little amount of machinery and equipment.

  • 2003


    A sufficient amount of capital had been accumulated, and the team's performance was improving rapidly. A larger number of workers were brought on board, and new storage facilities were built. Within the first three years, recycling hubs were organised and constructed.

  • 2006


    First Scrap started to expand his wings over a variety of geographic places. People came from all over the world in search of employment opportunities and found them at the organisation. Within such a brief amount of time, the organisation had established a strong reputation in a variety of towns and nations in the surrounding area.

  • 2009


    The corporation expanded its workforce and the number of machines they had. The import and export business of First Scrap got off the ground at a point in time when the company was doing rather well. Since 2008, the pace at which the company is expanding has picked up dramatically.

  • 2012


    The most effective strategy for expanding the scope of operations was to take First Scrap global and make the company accessible to suppliers located in a variety of geographic areas. As a consequence of this, many different suppliers from different parts of the world have expressed an interest in working together with the company to dispose of scrap metal.

  • 2015


    We started expanding our presence in the APAC region by opening new branches in response to the significant amount of metal scrap that was produced in that region. At the close of 2017, there were a total of 29 processing centres that were operational.

  • 2018


    This time period was a turning point for the corporation because it marked the beginning of a new era in which the company worked on the most extensively used marketing techniques and platforms, such as social media, search marketing, and online advertising. This moment was a watershed moment for the corporation because it signalled the start of a new era.

  • 2021


    In the year 2020, the corporation established its online presence by registering its domains and becoming well known. Within a single year, the organisation not only expanded across the globe, but it also initiated a large number of business opportunity programmes.

  • 2024


    The company's long-term goals are to collaborate with a wide variety of enterprises and establish itself as the industry leader in the field of metal recycling. The company has the intention of educating its staff members all around the world in accordance with the exceptional technical competence it possesses.

  • 2026


    By this time, First Scrap also plans to have endorsements and partnerships in place. The goal of First Scrap's expansion of its general capital is to get it to greater than 100 percent of its capability. In point of fact, the firm has no intention of giving up on its mission to make people's lives better in the general population.